3 Pack Mini Beard Oil

Our 3 pack mini beard oil samplers are a great way to experience all of the Chin Whiskers Beard Oil scents without having to commit to just one.  Our 10ml bottles are perfect for travelling, compact enough for any travel kit.  Each box contains 3 - 10ml bottles.  Our minimalist, recyclable packaging helps make this an affordable way to try them all until you find that scent that was made for you!

Pack #1 : Citrus Musk, Orange Cedarwood & Woodsman

Pack #2 : Bay Rum, Coconut & Unscented

Pack #3 : The Cuban, Old School & Gentleman's Choice

The Cuban, Old School & Gentleman's Choice are the only 3 scents in our product line up that uses a cosmetic grade fragrance oil.

Allergy sufferers should test before use.